Business travel


We are a full DMC service Company that has been in this industry since the year 2000, where we control a very skilled team throughout Italy. Our goal is to ensure that your events are flawless and unforgettable. Our collaboration with you starts from your idea all the way through the budget analysis always focusing on your requests. Our support covers every aspect of your event, from lodging to transportation, airport greeters, exciting activities and the best venues you can dream of in Italy, where we offer you our buying power. Our team is led by Salvatore Bossone, who has been in the business for three decades, delivering the best experience you can look for in Italy. We will put our creativity and operational skills at your disposal and your event/meeting will become something that will be remembered for a long time.
We also support sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Projects that may be integrated into your programs.

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Team building events

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Meetings and conferences

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